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BricsCad Platinum v13.1.22 Portable

BricsCAD is the powerful CAD software platform unifying the familiar feature set of native dwg with advanced 2D tools and intelligent 3D direct modeling on Windows and Linux, and this at a compelling price.

Highly compatible
BricsCAD reads and writes the dwg format and offers very high compatibility with AutoCAD®. In addition BricsCAD offers 3D Direct Modeling in native dwg. BricsCAD, so much more than an alternative.
Enabling third party solutions
BricsCAD is the most development friendly CAD platform in the industry. Thanks to industry compatible API's third party solutions can run on BricsCAD without modifying the source code.

Why BricsCAD?
Not only the full suite of CAD features, but also the combination of compatibility, familiar interface, unmatched support and compelling price make BricsCAD your CAD platform of choice.

Version 13.1.22 - 15/03/2013
    CHAPOO: Added several improvements and new features to the chapoo integration, including:
        dependent files (xrefs, fonts,..) are automatically uploaded with the parent drawing to Chapoo
        these dependent files are linked to the parent drawing in Chapoo
        when downloading the parent drawing, the dependent files are automatically downloaded as well
        Chapoo Premium support: browse projects and folders

    SR33188, SR36361 - MENU: when the Window menu was first removed and then added again with menucmd, the drawing window list section was not added again.
    SR37212, SR37465, SR38466, SR38835, SR38939 - AEC/ADT OBJECTS:
        fixed instabilities and crashes when loading drawings containing many AEC/ADT objects.
        added support for AutoCAD 2013 AEC/ADT objects.
    SR37521 - MLINE: implemented the commandline justification and style options.
    SR38025 - CHAMFER/FILLET: chamfer/fillet was not applied at the desired location, when using it on two entities that were not lying in the XY-plane of the current UCS.
    SR38111 - PAPERSHEET: when PAPERUPDATE was off, changing the active printer did not update paper margins.
    SR38335 - USER INPUT PROCESSING: When entering a value in a dynamic dimension, and then pressing tab, the dimension input field is now immediately displayed with a red background to reflect the fact that the value is locked, without having to move the mouse.
    SR38471 - FONTS: there were compatibility issues with LAS files containing Chinese fonts.
    SR38756 - EXTEND: the extend command did no longer work for nested entities in blocks.
    SR38858 - USER INPUT PROCESSING: When entering a distance on the keyboard while a tracking line is active, pressing enter does no longer remove the tracking line. Another distance can be entered without having to move the mouse.
    SR38968 - HANGUP:
        PASTECLIP of a string starting with spaces caused an endless loop of PASTECLIP operations.
        when doubleclicking GRID/SNAP on the statusbar, the command names ended up on the clipboard.
    SR38977 - LAYER: improved the warning message shown when creating a new layer that doesn't match the current layer filter.
    SR39049 - WBLOCK: using the WBLOCK command, .dwg was undesirably appended to the filename, if the existing dwg file, had a .DWG extension (or similar spelling) other than .dwg.
    SR39055 - DISPLAY: a background mask was added to prevent displaying of overlapping text when editing table cells.
    SR39058 - TOOLPALLETES: there was a problem undoing commands that have been interrupted with the ESC key.
    SR39078 - CSV EXPORT SETTINGS: The settings of BricsCAD can be exported to a CSV file (Comma Separated Value). BricsCAD did not process quotes in any way when exporting settings to CSV. As a result default CSV importing did not work in MS Office or LibreOffice. From now on, if a special character is encountered, the entire field will be quoted and qoutes will be escaped by doubling them.
    SR39082 - LOCALIZATION: messages being displayed in the FILLET/CHAMFER commands user interface were not translated.
    SR39154 - LOCALIZATION: the 'Next' button in the startup dialog had 2 different labels in translated versions.

    SR37909 - LISP/SDS/BRX : fixes a problem using (entmake) resp. sds_entmake()/acdbEntMake() when creating INSERT objects - the handling of DXF codes 70, 71, 44, 45 was not AutoCAD-compatible, so thus sometimes MINSERT objects, that are not explodable, were created.
    SR38874 - LISP: fixes a problem with (getvar "varname") for non-existing "varname" - under intensive workload, (getvar) could return erratic values instead of NIL.
    SR39057 - LISP: fixes a problem with (vlax-ldata-put/get) functions - real/double values written as LData were sometimes read as integers.

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